4. Trinitarianism

Upon the basis of the ontological and epistemic structures that I have thus described, I would now like to look at the way in which those frameworks can function and in doing so hopefully produce a better understanding of truth and seek to show 

Why Trinitarian? 

In the Bible, God is described as being of the Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. These three elements are said to be both mutually exclusive as well as convergently referential to God himself. Whether or not it was explicitly known to the ancients, Trinitarianism describes truth in the best formulation that we can have today, with the epistemic Trinity of categories of Logic, Science and Pragmatism. Seeing as God is often referred to as Truth, it seems the possibility of an ancient subconscious knowledge of this fact seems plausible if not scientifically verifiable. 

Dijon DajeeComment