2014            ‘Night And Day’, Silver Odyssey, Redchurch Street, London

         ‘Phuture Club’, 71a Leonard Street Gallery, London

2012            'The Live Creature', Hepsibah Gallery, London



2017              No Artists No Art', Light's of Soho, London

Beyond The Image', The Hoxton Holborn, London

                       Adelaide Artists', Adelaide Terrace, Brighton

                       Rock-Up Pop Up', Shoreditch, London

‘Coachella Festival Installation', California, Los Angeles

2016               Beyond The Image', Espacio Gallery, London

                       Open House', Adelaide Terrace, Brighton

                       The Other Art Fair', Victoria House, London

Artists Corner', Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

Lights of Soho, Love Hz, 35 Brewer Street, London

‘Lights of Soho Residency, Home House, London 

2015              Gravity’, Kinetica Residencey, The Hospital Club, London

STREET art fair’, LAB ART, PDC, Los Angeles, USA

Object-ive Collective’, 99 Morning Lane, London 

Lights of Soho’, The Art of Burning Man, 35 Brewer Street, London

It's a family affair', Gallery Extreme, Morrell House, London

‘Lights of Soho’, City Lights 35 Brewer Street, London

‘The Dentist Gallery’Interior, London 

Valentines Ball’, Lounge Lover, London     

The Colour of Money’, Gallery Extreme, Ninety Eight, London

           ‘Phuturistic Colour’, Gallery Extreme, Ninety Eight, London

2014              Lucky Stars’, The Royal College of Art, London

          ‘Flair’, Central Saint Martins University, London

          Shoreditch Art Wall, Commissioned Installation artwork

          The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London

          The Kinetica Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London

         ‘It’s A Family Affair’, The Playhouse, London

         ‘Anti-Valentines’, Gallery Extreme, Ninety Eight, London

         'Mind, Body, Soul', Kensington Olympia, London

         ‘Un Grace du ciel part 1’, Gallery Extreme, Ninety Eight, London


2013             It’s a Family Affair’, The Troubadour, London

          The Raven Arts Society, Private Gallery, London

          ‘B2FH: Heaven in Earth’, The Hepsibah Gallery, London

2012             ‘Gil & Fifi’, The Troubadour Club, London

2009            The Abattoir Pages’, Foolish People & Guerrilla Zoo, London

Exhibitions Produced/ Worked on:

2009-10   Auto-Italia South East Gallery, London

  • ‘Automatic’ by Gavin Murphy and Chris Fite-Wassilak.
  • ‘Entrance & Underground: The Sequel’ by Dean Kissick, Marcus Mitchell et al., Art Technician
  • ‘Guided Tours’ by Katie Guggenheim et al., Gallery Assistant
  • ‘Better Place Portraiture’ by Darren Banks and Flora Whitely, Gallery Assistant
  • ‘I don't know how...’ by S/Z, Gallery Assistant
  • ‘New Display Strategies’, by Richard John-Jones et al., Gallery Assistant
  • ‘Closed Forever’ by Elizabeth Price, Gallery Assistant, Project Manager and Invigilator
  • ‘Untitled (Some kind of a benchmark)’ by Justin Jaeckle, Art Technician
  • ‘Father of the Sun’ by Peter Joslyn and RUN, Art Technician

2009       'CrASH', Pop Magazine/ The Garage, London

    'Boule to Braid' with Richard Wentworth, The Lisson Gallery, London

    'Tunnel 228', Punchdrunk, London