1.1 When you read an artist’s bio, remember that it is always written by the artist themselves.

1.2 In all likelihood, they have used the book on the left, to carve out a clear and distinctive idea about what their art could mean.

1.3 My bio is my work.  

2.1 My work is not consistent because people are not consistent.

3.1 I do not make prints of my works. Each work is unique. 

3.2 I do not do reproductions or commissions. Each work is unique.

3.3 I name each artwork. Each work is unique.

4.1 The names are not about the work. They are about my interests.

4.2 Not every name is successful. 

5.1 I do not believe all my artworks are good. 

5.2 Not all art is good. 

5.3 The same artwork is good at one place and time. 

5.4 There is no bad art. There are just mismatches between the viewer in place and time. 

6.1 All human culture is virtue signalling.

7.1 All art is about the autonomy of the individual. In Ancient Egypt there was very little autonomy so monumental artworks were created to one supreme leader. Over the years the individual has become increasingly more autonomous and so has their art.

7.2 The progress of history is not a given.

7.3 Autonomy is the aim of progress.