Revolutions occur over time, as slow erosions of the foundations beneath us and we often never realise the cracks before they are too late.

There are Five Stages of any revolution: 

Stage 1. The Latent Stage - People are not yet aware of the conflict brewing. There are murmurs, whispers, susserations in the river and through the wind in the trees. Rumours are spreading that one side wants what the other side has or vice versa, but no-one is really knows yet, not for sure. 

Stage 2. The Perceived Stage - Participants know that the conflict exists, it is real, it is out there. One side can characterise the utterly inexplicable beliefs of their foes and ask them “How-could-you-believe-THAT?” Incredulousness lingers on lips like a cool, dark liquor. Anger between friends turns cafe tables over throughout the country. The people are seething.  

Stage 3. The Felt Stage - Something sparks. Perhaps, a popular figure is arrested and handled a bit too roughly by the police. He fights back, but the police are more powerful and he is brutally beaten to death. The tinder is lit. People take to the streets. The time for action is now. 

Stage 4. The Manifest Stage - There is all out battle between the two sides. The smash of bullets rips households in two. Men are told to protect the future and fight. Women and children are told to protect the future and flight. Now, it is all about the future. Getting through today. One hour, one day, one week at a time. Forget the brutality, forget today, it is all about the future. 

Stage 5. The Aftermath - One side has won, or more likely, both sides have lost. Though one side was more powerful, in the eyes of the outside world, the power they used was unjustified. Though the other side was justified in standing up for themselves, they ultimately lost the war. There is shame and guilt on behalf of the victors. There is pain and heartache on behalf of the vanquished.

And so it goes… Until the pain is forgotten and the whispers start again.